Data Services

ERIC North East can provide information about the distribution of legally protected, rare or threatened species, habitats and geodiversity sites to local authorities and other organisations whose actions affect the environment.

The data we can supply helps local authority partners comply with planning policy and wildlife legislation and ensures that sound decisions are made about where to focus conservation effort, how best to manage land and where to direct development to minimise impacts on the natural environment.

Find out more in our document 'ERIC North East and Local Authorities - Working Together for Biodiversity in the North East'.

We often receive requests for data from the general public, conservation organisations, voluntary recorders and naturalist groupsĀ as well as academic researchers.

In most of these cases, unless a significant amount of time is involved, we will endeavour to provide the data free of charge. However, please do see our Charging Policy for more details.

To request data from us, please complete our Data Request Form and email it to and we will get back to you as soon as possible.