Data Services

Ecological data held by ERIC North East is available to all who require it for legitimate environmental purposes, including local biodiversity partnerships, voluntary recorders and groups, consultants, landowners and educational establishments.

We operate on a not-for-profit basis, providing biodiversity information products and services to a range of users. There is a cost to running such a service and, for ERIC North East to remain financially sustainable, these costs must be met by our users.

We set charges to recover the costs of time spent accessing, collating, processing and managing data, as well as supplying data to end users. These costs include staff time and the overheads associated with running ERIC North East. No charge is made for the actual data or information which is passed on to users, as ERIC North East is neither the owner of the data, nor did it bear the cost of data collection. See our Charging Policy for more information.

NOTE: The data provided by ERIC North East in response to a data request represents the data available at the time of the request. The data provided does not necessarily represent all extant data for a given area, nor should the absence of data be interpreted as absence of a given species or habitat. Clients are recommended to consult other data holders, including those listed at the bottom of our Partners & Links page.


Please let us know if you require information in a different format or are interested in a particular species or area and we will do our best to help

Useful Documents

Charging Policy

Data Request Form

To request data from ERIC North East, please complete the Data Request Form and email it to

ERIC leaflet for Ecological Consultants

Example Data Request - site map

A standard data request includes an Excel spreadsheet of any protected or notable species within the search area, along with an interactive map of statutory and non-statutory site boundaries.

Interactive PDF Citation and Attributes instructions